Between the Covers Bookstore relies on WonderDog for retail and back office computer network support because their service and expertise is exceptional. Because computer technology is a critical element in the daily operations of our store and the functions of our staff, I must have enormous confidence in our technical support service.

— Stuart Brown, Owner, Between the Covers Bookstore

The Kennel

Your Local Tech Bench

WonderDog WebCamThe Kennel is our tech bench, and it sits quietly in the heart of Telluride. We are at 124 E. Pacific directly above United Title between the Post Office and the Library.

We can now handle up to 10 computers at a time and offer the best repair pricing in town. Most tech bench repairs are charged by the repair (flat rate) rather than by the hour, thereby quoting a price before the work is done. You can even leave your computer with us overnight on selected evenings and we will have it ready by morning so you don't miss a click. Clients can continue to receive the responsiveness of remote support and on-site support on an hourly basis.

We offer a 24 hour drop box for clients to drop off and pick up their computers. This drop box is monitored by web cam for security. We do not offer regular Open hours. Computers usually don't break during "regular hours" and we often work evenings to keep our business clients running. After hours emergency service is available as is overnight repair.

The Kennel Price Sheet (Pricing does not include hardware or tax):

Basic PC Clean

Fixes about 70% of all problems brought into us. Includes fixing one problem plus removal of spyware, virus and malware. Dust computer inside and out. Defragment hard drive, basic repair of operating system files, manual review of startup entries, drivers, registry and background processes.

$250 Rush

Advanced PC Clean

Above plus manual repair of corrupt operating system files, registries, applications or other work necessary to resolve the problem.  May include a hardware scan if appropriate.

$400 Rush

System Restore with Data

Restores computer to its original condition. Customer must supply all original disks and licenses. Re-install all customer supplied software, transfer data, settings and personal information.

$700 Rush

Data Transfer

Install all client supplied software and install all updates and registrations on the new computer. Transfer files and settings from the old computer to the new computer and test.

$400 Rush

Diagnostic Fee

Only charged when no other repair work is ordered.